Spray Tanning

Moroccan Mineral® Signature Airbrush Mist with Moroccan Argan Oil is tanning mist for hand held airbrush and HVLP sprayers. It creates a sunless tan that is sumptuous with moisture, bronze lustre and pristine longevity.

Moroccan Mineral® Mist's nutrient rich formula was designed to enhance the skin, while giving it a spectacular tan effect. Contains the most exceptional skin care ingredients for luxurious sunless tanning services. Tans develop so naturally, they create the illusion of an almond skin tone - even on the fairest complexions. Quick drying, lightly scented and non-sticky beautiful brown color guide for instant gratification.

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Spray Tanning

Single Spray Tan:

$35-45 in studio

$40-45 on site 

(please note for out of Kelowna, additional travel rates may apply)

Group rates available upon request
Spray Tan Party, 6 or more, host receives a FREE Tan!



Spray tans should be done a day or two prior to a wedding.


END COLOR: Creates the appearance of sun-bronzed skin with stunning golden highlights. Skin will radiate with a toasted almond glow that looks naturally sun bathed. Always brown, bronzed, believable and beautiful - even on the pastiest skin.

DARKNESS: Natural to Medium-Dark

WAIT TIME BEFORE SHOWERING: Must wait 4-6 hours before showering.

APPLICATION: 2-3 Fluid ounces total, 2 light coats over the entire body.

DRYING TIME: 5-7 minutes depending on climate

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Contains a proprietary blend of Eco Certified DHA & Erythrulose

LONGEVITY: Color lasts about 7-10

Why it's different:
• A stronger focus on “natural ingredients” and preservatives for ingredients conscious consumers.
• Creates such a naturally deep tan, it creates the appearance of a deep, medium skin tone.
• Dries down quickly leaving skin feeling comfortably soft (not sticky).
• Moisture based formula helps curb the dryness and dehydration typically caused by most sunless tanning products.

Key ingredients:
• Aloe Vera
• Moroccan Argan Oil
• Grape Seed Oil
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Eco-Certified DHA
• Squalane (Olive Derived)
• Panthenol (B5)
• Green Tea
• Red Rooibos Tea

Natural product perks:
• Alcohol Free
• Paraben Free
• Propylene Glycol Free
• Eco-Certified DHA
• Phthalate Free
• Vegan